Team Building: How to Minimize Conflict and Maximize Connection

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In this interpersonal skills training lab, you will learn how to strengthen your team by:

  • Building better relationships within your team so that everyone gives their best performance
  • Motivating your key people to work together as a team
  • Significantly improving communication and people skills within your team
  • Nipping conflicts in the bud before they get out of hand
  • Protecting your crucial business relationships against future conflicts.

This workshop is ideally suited for management teams and other teams that desire to improve their team’s effectiveness by significantly improving people skills and communication. Business owners and leaders will improve their vital work relationships with their boss, key employees, peers, family business members, partners, and others.

In addition to energizing leaders and giving them skills to build better work teams, this TeleWorkshop can help everyone to connect better across differences.

Team Building: How to Minimize Conflict and Maximize Connection is an interpersonal skills training lab, a skill-building experience that is highly interactive. You will learn by doing. Studies consistently show that more powerful learning happens when you are actively engaged. In addition, participants report they enjoy the sessions much more, and feel more confident and able to implement the skills on their jobs.

You will observe demonstrations and role plays, and give feedback on what you observed. You will practice listening, communicating, asserting yourself, increasing self-awareness, expressing empathy, connecting, seeking win/win solutions, and other skills characteristic of successful leadership, in a safe environment under Bill’s supportive guidance.

Then you will practice the skills between sessions. You implement them right away on your job so that they become part of your repertoire. At the next session, you will have a chance to talk about your successes using these skills, and to hear other leaders talk about their experiences. This combination of learning over time, practicing skills in between sessions, and building on success, will give you skills that stick.

This Group Executive Coaching process works. Leaders significantly improve their leadership people skills and their crucial business relationships. We guide them to use these skills to improve the effectiveness of their work relationship management.

William Murray recommends follow-up telephone individual Executive Coaching to maximize implementation of new skills in the workplace. Participants appreciate the chance to discuss in a confidential setting how to apply the workshop to their specific situation.

If the work situation you want to address involves another key player, you may ask that person to join us. Bill will facilitate successful communication between you both so that you solve relationship problems and communicate better in the future. Bill can also help you address crucial conversations that need to happen. Bill’s facilitation will structure the conversation for a productive outcome.

In the case of a team attending together, we recommend follow-up group coaching sessions to maximize success. Personalized team follow-up will encourage executives to keep practicing their new skills and patterns of effective communication until they become habitual. It will reinforce the team’s commitment to using the new skills in the long run.

Our facilitator is William R. Murray:

“I am a Harvard M.B.A., Yale M.Div., Master Certified Coach, and graduate of Corporate Coach U. I started as a line manager with bottom-line responsibility. Then in 1976, I began training and coaching managers in leadership and communication skills in JC Penney’s corporate headquarters. I helped them open the largest leadership development center in New York City. Since then I have trained and coached business owners, executives, and leaders in companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations like IBM, to family businesses. In 1993 I founded Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching.” More about Bill Murray.

Past participants have said:

I am happy to recommend Eagle Alliance’s “Team Building: How to Minimize Conflict and Maximize Connection” workshop. In the 21st century, no less than in previous centuries, the human story, on all levels, is largely the story of conflict and our seeming inability to resolve our differences without violence. Many believe there is no way out. Yet Marshall Rosenberg has developed an approach to human communication that enables individuals, communities, and even nations to speak their needs to others in ways that build trust, empathy, and human connections. Maintaining our common human bonds enables people to address even serious conflicts without destroying or defeating others. Eagle Alliance’s Bill Murray is an effective practitioner and teacher of Rosenberg’s techniques. I have benefited immensely from this workshop in both my professional and my personal life and believe everyone’s life can be enriched by participating in this valuable workshop.
Lloyd Schmeidler, Executive Director Urban Ministries of Durham, Inc.

The interpersonal skills in this program ought to be part of every school, pre-marital, and employment “curriculum”: Simple principles that can make the difference in how effectively we communicate with one another.
Pat Lambright