Strategic Thinking – Develop the Crucial Skill of Leadership

Fulfill your potential as a leader and groom other leaders as you improve these skills:

  • Know what really matters.
  • See the big picture.
  • Solve the right problems, not just the urgent ones.

Improve skills with “Strategic Thinking,” Module 1 of Leadership Communication®: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership, from our Virtual Workshop Series or our corresponding Self-Study Program.

Each Self-Study Module contains several audio recordings in mp3 files, a Participant Workbook, and a Training Manual.

With no risk, you may try our inexpensive Self-Study Program Module 1.  If you don’t like it, you can get your money back within 30 days so there is no risk.

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Both our Virtual Workshop Series and Self-Study Program will help you to:

–Move up.

Move up into greater leadership roles and responsibilities by mastering this crucial skill of strategic thinking. Deficiency in strategic thinking often holds a person back from promotions into leadership. Superiors say, “He/she can’t see the forest for the trees…gets lost in the details.” Or, a person does get promoted and lack of strategic thinking holds him/her back from excelling. The solution? Let us improve this skill so that you are more effective and successful. Don’t be like a turtle seeing only the next clump of grass. Let us help you soar to the heights of your potential as a leader.

–Groom emerging leaders

If you want to groom emerging leaders, assist them to improve their strategic thinking. You can add our programs, the live Virtual Workshops and the Self-Study Version to your in-house offerings. Or send emerging leaders to our Public Sessions. What makes our corporate training distinctive is that it sticks. We do not just dump information into participants in a 1-3 day program that they soon forget. We space out our training so that participants practice the skills in between sessions and get feedback when they return. We do the job of actually creating the emotional intelligence and new communication skills that are crucial for leaders.

–Be effective by grasping the big picture

This strategic thinking skill is one of the key ways a leader is effective. He or she must continually sort out what is truly important from what can wait. Then you can give the leadership that direct reports and peers want. Feeling overwhelmed, they often wish to be shown where to direct their efforts for greatest impact. In leadership roles, you have a broader view of issues facing your organization. If you become excellent at strategic thinking, you can incorporate your broader view into your analysis of what is important. In the next Module 2 on Communication, you can learn how to communicate that better.

–Professionals Benefit

If you are a professional, you too can benefit from this Module by improving your strategic thinking skill. You may need to “lead” your client to see better what is really important, versus just urgent. Your client will thank you for pointing in the right direction to the real problems that need to be solved. On the other hand, if you get lost in the details and cannot see the big picture, your client will eventually realize that and drop you or keep on giving you nuts and bolts work. He will look elsewhere to find trusted advisers who can point to the big picture.

Executive Coaching

You can also improve your strategic thinking skill by hiring William R. Murray to give you some executive coaching focused on implementing the knowledge of this Module. You can give him cases of your problems. He will coach you to see the big picture. Together you can clarify what really matters and how to make it happen. This gives you the guided practice you need to improve your strategic thinking skill. In summary, we offer 3 ways to improve your strategic thinking skill:

1. Virtual Workshop live sessions
2. Self-Study Program
3. Executive coaching.


Hear Diana Collazo’s Audio Recording


One session on coaching skills from Bill’s Virtual Workshop Series got me to make some changes in how I help those I supervise deal with problems they encounter. I have switched from focusing on trying to offer advice and possible solutions, to facilitating the person to figure out for themselves the best solutions and behaviors.

Soon after the session with Bill I applied this approach in coaching a supervisor who was having a very difficult challenge. Staying focused on helping the supervisor name the difficulty he was experiencing, identifying what would help improve the situation, and supporting him to take the steps he outlined had very positive effects. The supervisor felt empowered as he experienced his inner wisdom and strength, I felt new found freedom, and the situation was resolved in a very fruitful way.

This coaching approach fits with my spirituality of seeking to call out the gifts of people. I recommend Bill’s program on emotional intelligence for anyone who wants to gain new tools to improve their leadership skills.

Susan Mitchell, Executive Director for Portland L’ Arche

As a senior manager in a medium sized nonprofit, I have found that my participation in Bill Murray’s virtual workshop series has provided me with new insights and skills for navigating the emotional landscape of the workplace.  Thus I am more skilled at finding opportunities to create greater productivity, stronger professional relationships and increased job satisfaction for myself and my co-workers.

The course includes techniques for raising awareness of the role emotions play in the workplace and teaches a fact and value based approach that uses empathy and forethought to reach win-win solutions to workplace problems. I particularly like that course participants are given the opportunity to practice the new techniques with each other during the workshops, as I find this helps me start more comfortably down the path of using them in my workplace.

Thomas A. Harris, Chief of Staff/General Counsel, State Employees Association of North Carolina, Inc.

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If you are ready to test the water, with no risk, try our inexpensive Self-Study Course Module 1. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back within 30 days so there is no risk. Each Self-Study Course Module contains several audio recordings in mp3 files, a Participant Workbook, and a Training Manual. Why not give your skills a boost now? Click on yellow to Order Module 1: Strategic Thinking

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