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Current Ongoing Virtual Workshops

Group size limited in order to give each individual some coaching and group feedback.  Get many of the benefits of individual coaching at a fraction of the price.

Listen to a recording of  when I was a guest Master Coach presenter for ICF – LA, when I demonstrated Small Group Coaching (scroll down to link):

Listen to other recordings of live virtual workshops at


Current Schedule for Public Virtual Worshops:

Module 7, Conflict Resolution and Connecting:

2:00 – 3:20 ET

Module 8 = July 8, 15, 22
Module 9 = July 29, Aug. 5, 12
Module 10 = Aug. 26, Sept 2, 9

Four CCEUs from ICF per Module.  Administrative fee of $15 per hour of CCEU requested.

$260 for this Module and every Module 1-11.

Or pay for several Modules in advance to save money.

Optional – Use PayPal recurrent method to automatically pay $225 per month.

Refund:  Cancellation will be allowed at any time with a $200 cancellation fee.  Modules taken will be charged at the $260 per Module rate.


Virtual Workshops


Leadership Communication® : How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership
Boosting performance for leaders, emerging leaders, and professionals by significantly improving communication skills, emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal effectiveness. For detailed information go to


For assistance paying or to inquire about discounts or free samples, please call Bill Murray at 919-240-7924.


  • Organizations may sponsor in-house groups. This has the advantage of team building and having relevant case studies from your own business problems. And you may determine the Modules and number of attendees, from small groups of executives to larger groups of managers and key players.



Self-Study Course


For a description of our Self-Study Program based on the above Virtual Workshop Series, see

Each Module focuses on a skill set such as Communication, Assertiveness, etc. Each Module includes about 10 mp3 audio recordings of live sessions of our Virtual Workshop Series. Download and listen to audio recordings on your mp3 player at your own pace, when and where you want. For visual guides you get both a Participant Workbook and Training Manuals.


Optional Executive Coaching: get coaching at a discount from Bill Murray to help you apply the Self-Study Course to your own situations.


Generous sliding scale for nonprofits and individuals making a difference. For assistance in paying or to inquire about discounts and samples, please call Bill Murray at 919-240-7924.

Entire Self-Study Course

    – Click to pay $3,000

Per Module of Self-Study Course: $300

Module 1: Strategic Thinking: What Really Matters
Module 2: Communication Skills
Module 3: Dialogue Skills
Module 4: Assertiveness Skills
Module 5: Self-Management
Module 6: Relationship Management
Module 7: Conflict Transformation and Connecting
Module 8: Listening SKills
Module 9: Facilitation and Empowerment
Module 10: Performance Management
 Module 11: Putting It All Together with Coaching Labs

  • We will give group discounts for two or more people who sign up together.


Executive Coaching Programs


Corporate Package Programs: Individual Executive Coaching sessions for 6 – 12 months for $10,000 to $20,000 per person.
Good to combine with above Web-conferencing Virtual Workshops or Self-Study Course of Leadership Communication®: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.

Individual Self-Paying Programs: $1,500 per month. You will want to have Bill on the phone when signing up.

Generous sliding scale for nonprofits and self-paying individuals making a difference. For assistance in paying or to inquire about discounts, please call Bill Murray at 919-240-7924.


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