Group Coaching Program

For whom?

  • Mentor coaching for coaches,
  • “Train the Trainer” for corporate trainers,
  • Coaching skills for OD practitioners, managers, and HR professionals.


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Hear Bill Murray on this recording:

1) Demonstrate group coaching as he coaches 6 coaches and then

2) Demonstrate mentor coaching as the 6 coaches coach each other while he mentors them.

Bill did this as a guest presenter at ICF – LA on 9-4-2013 while 112 coaches listened.
Bill’s guest presentation

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Group Coaching Skills and Training Skills

  • Attract new clients with excellent virtual group coaching and training
  • Learn how to do virtual group coaching and training with my virtual course, Leadership Communication®
  • Hone your skills – Get coached live or via recordings while you lead portions of this course or your own programs.
  • Incorporate my topics skillfully into your own repertoire.

Individual Coaching Skills

  • Improve your coaching skills and results.
  • Get coached live while you coach someone else, or a group
  • Learn by doing.  Get insights on the spot – virtually
  • Or bring recordings of your coaching for my review.

Offering virtual group coaching and training is the best way to get new clients.

After many years of doing corporate training including train the trainer work, I was one of the first coaches to earn ICF’s MCC (Master Certified Coach) in 1999.  I was also one of the first to offer virtual group coaching and training.  Now you can profit from my experience and let me teach you how to significantly improve your group coaching and training skills.

As an option, you can also acquire the right and ability to offer my virtual workshops or smaller topics yourself.

Limited risk:

You can get experience with our virtual group coaching and training course,  Leadership Communication®: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership, without paying any franchise fee up front.  You get the benefits of a franchise without a big upfront fee.

These topics are addressed to leaders, but the coaching skills learned apply to most situations in life.  Practice in leading our group coaching course will be beneficial even if you quit because you will improve your skills in group coaching.

If you choose to keep working with us, you can acquire our proven virtual group coaching course topics to use as your own.  We can keep supervising you as long as you like to make sure you deliver the topics well to your clients.  You save years of research work to develop excellent course content.  And you get back-up mentor coaching to insure that you deliver it in an excellent manner.


Attract New Clients with Group Coaching

Virtual workshops using group coaching skills are the best way to attract new clients.  Be coached to learn how to lead virtual workshops with excellent group coaching skills.  Learn how to lead my virtual workshops and make them your own.  Choose from 50 hours of topics in emotional intelligence and people skills that fit most situations.  Get trained to deliver your chosen topics as virtual workshops that you can make your own.  You can fit these topics into most coaching specialties.  Or just get feedback on topics you are already using.


Group Coaching Program Overview

Improve your group coaching skills and ability to lead virtual workshops through my Group Coaching Mentoring Program.  First observe me leading groups in my own Virtual Workshops.  See how I evoke the wisdom of the group, getting participants to share deeply and learn from each other.  I create a safe environment for people to learn new interpersonal skills.

Approach – How to improve your group coaching skills:

  • You observe me leading discussion on a topic.
  • You volunteer to lead a portion of this topic next session.
  • Next session, you lead that portion and get feedback.
  • You decide if you want to add this topic to your repertoire to offer yourself.
  • If yes, you sign up for further sessions to lead and be coached to gain more skill.
  • As an option, you can get further live coaching when you deliver this topic to your own clients.  You can hone your skills as closely as you want.

Observe me and then lead a group yourself to learn one of my topics and get feedback.  You may keep on leading and getting coaching until you have a sense of mastery.  Then you can take this topic on the road to your own audiences.  This is the best way to get new clients.

And you can have me observe group coaching that you are already doing and give you feedback and suggestions for improving your group coaching.  In everything you do with me, you will be improving your group coaching skills.

Offering virtual group coaching is the best way to get new clients.


Biography of William R. Murray (Bill)

I was one of the first to be awarded the ICF designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) in 1999.  I have a Harvard MBA, a Yale M.Div., and am a graduate of Corporate Coach U.  I was also one of the first coaches to use the web to offer my virtual workshops.

I have 40 years of experience both as a Mentor Coach for other coaches and leader and Executive Coach for corporate leaders.  I also was a corporate trainer and did “train the trainer” “work for Zenger-Miller, a world-class consulting firm offering leadership training.  I trained line managers how to put on Zenger-Miller’s workshops by using group coaching skills.  My boss said I was one of the best “train the trainers” she had ever seen.

I excel at coaching coaches and corporate trainers how to improve their group coaching skills.  I was one of the first to develop virtual group coaching. Now I use my “train the trainer” skills to coach others to excel in group coaching and to lead topics from my Virtual Workshop Series.

Detailed Biography of Bill Murray


How the Group Coaching Train the Trainer Program Works

Choose from 50 hours of group coaching topics with broad applicability from my Leadership Communication® Virtual Workshop Series.  You can learn to lead a topic and make it your own program that fits within your own repertoire.  Leadership Communication® topics are described at

I shall advertise on our ICF website as I offer you each independent Module from 1-10.  Each Module will have 3 teleclasses of 1 ½ hours each, spaced out one per week.  This spaced-out learning gives you a chance to practice skills in between sessions, tell us what happened and get feedback.  4.5 hours of ICF CCEUs will be awarded to those who attend all three sessions of each Module.  No partial hours of CCEUs will be awarded.

After you receive the 4.5 hours of training, you will probably want to continue with more training on that Module in order to learn other topics and hone your skills.

In addition, you may if you wish, individually hire me to coach you on a Module or topic that I am not currently coaching.  You can learn a lot on your own too by purchasing my Self-Study Course on the same topics,  You can also use this Self-Study Course to speed your learning even if you are getting coached.

You can also receive individual coaching from me to improve your group coaching programs that you are already offering.


Module 3 of Leadership Communication® is Dialogue Skills:

  • Foster collaboration
  • Clear up misunderstandings
  • Create win/win solutions
  • Make others feel heard.



You may learn at any time with my one-on-one individual coaching, or in a group.   We shall have 3 sessions of 1.5 hours each on 3 Tuesdays, October 29, 2013, Nov. 12, and Nov. 19 at 10:00 to 11:30 ET.  You then have the choice to continue or not.  When you register, you will be given the call in tel number, screen sharing software, etc.

CCEUs:  As is common for programs advertised on ICF’s website, if you want ICF approved CCEUs, you pay $15 per CCEU = $67.50 for 4.5 hours of CCEUs.  This $67.50 will be an additional charge when you request your CCEUs by emailing in the passwords given out during the 3 sessions that will indicate full attendance.  Perfect attendance will earn you 4.5 CCEUs from ICF.  A missed session may be made up through individual coaching.  No partial credit will be given.

Individual coaching will be arranged with each individual.


For more information:

Please call me, Bill Murray, at 919-240-7924.  Please say your telephone number slowly and repeat it.

But if you must email, use = the “Contact Us” tab at the top of each page on this web site.  This usually does not go into my spam.

 To Register:

Call me to register for current Module   (It is not necessary to have taken prior Modules),  Bill Murray, at 919-240-7924.  Please say your telephone number slowly and repeat it.  Or email via

To Pay:

Go to and scroll down to bottom to use PayPal.  Use the first option = one-time payment on Paypal.

The investment for each Module is $450.  I offer a sliding scale.  You may call to see if you qualify for a discount.