Self-Study Course to Improve Business Results with Leadership Communication®

  • Reach your potential as a leader or emerging leader.
  • Communicate for results in difficult conversations.
  • Manage yourself for effective decisions, resilience, and resourcefulness.
  • In short, go from good to great in communicating as a leader.

Our entire Self-Study Course includes:

1. Over 130 hours of recordings

in mp3 files of live sessions of our Virtual Workshop Series. You can listen at your own time, place, and pace. 40 hours of recordings cover the 10 Modules of the Virtual Workshop Series. Another 70+ hours give you the option of going deeper into topics. You can also buy just one Module at a time of several recordings on the skills in that Module.

2. 160-page Participant Workbook.

A visual guide to help you follow the live virtual sessions or the recordings. Places to write answers and notes. Resources.

3. Training Manual

in the form of e-Books in PDF files of articles relevant to a particular Module. Bill has written practical Training Manuals that are full of tips on how to build the skills you need in these difficult times.

Call Bill Murray at 919-240-7924 to discuss possibilities or, if you are ready, Buy individual Modules or entire Course at our Store.

Benefits and Advantages:

Our Self-study Program can supplement your learning from the Virtual Workshop Series with new perspectives. Or you may take this Self-study Program version instead of the Virtual Workshop Series.

Our Self-study Program has some advantages. It is far less expensive than the live Virtual Workshop Series. So you get some of the benefits and results at a fraction of the cost. You could use a portion of your savings to purchase some individual Executive Coaching from Bill. This combination of self-study and coaching gives good results and fits better with a work life of heavy travel and appointments.

Our Self-study Program allows you to learn on your own schedule, listening to audio recordings when you choose. You can download the recordings to your MP3 player and listen at your own pace, wherever you are, in your car, in the gym, etc. You can cut our sessions into short segments by starting and stopping the player when you drive, walk, eat, etc.

You will see how emotional intelligence and communication skills apply to many different situations of participants as they offer them for case studies and discussions. No two audio recorded sessions are the same because different participants raise different issues and problems to solve. This means all of the recordings can be interesting.

Training Manuals describe all the skills being taught. Some people prefer to learn by reading. Everyone can use the Training Manuals to clarify how to do the skills and reinforce the learning from audio recordings.

Topics and Skills Learned in 10 Modules:

The following Emotional Intelligence Competencies are the major topics and Modules:

1. Strategic Thinking
2. Communication
3. Dialogue
4. Assertiveness
5. Self-Management
6. Relationship Management
7. Conflict Transformation and Connecting
8. Listening
9. Facilitation and Empowerment
10. Performance Management

Executive Coaching

Get feedback, guidance, and support from our individual or Group Executive Coaching to supplement this Self-study Course. Scheduling sessions will strengthen your resolve to work on our program in a timely fashion.  We all need a little help to maintain our self discipline and avoid procrastinating.  Our coaching will help you to faithfully apply your new skills to life situations. And we can give you feedback, another crucial ingredient for strengthening your emotional intelligence. Ask for a free trial session to see how well our coaching will strengthen your self-study.

Consider buying the first Module of our Self-Study Program.  Browse

Free samples: Call Bill Murray at 919-240-7924 to inquire about free samples.

Discounts are available for nonprofits, group discounts, and individuals making a difference.

For more information:

1. For more information, free samples, or to purchase this Program, possibly at a discount if you seeking a group discount, or are a non-profit or individual making a difference, please call our CEO, Bill Murray at 919-240-7924, or send an email via our “Contact Us” link at top. Include your telephone number, and Bill will call you back.

2. See our web page, Leadership Communication® : How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership, for a thorough description of our Virtual Workshop Series on which this Self-Study Course is based. You will see testimonials and more details on the results you can get. Also described are benefits of the teaching methods we use including how learning sticks when it is spaced out.

Call Bill Murray at 919-240-7924 to discuss possibilities or, if you are ready, Buy individual Modules or our entire Course at our Store.

Free Offer:

You may get a free copy of Bill’s book chapter, “Emotional Intelligence for Resilience.” This also is a free way to see the skills trained in Module 1 of our Virtual Workshop Series and corresponding Self-Study Course, Leadership Communication® : How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership. The book chapter gives an overview of the skills trained with some stories about how they can be used.

You can learn about skills that help you stay resilient such as knowing what you really want in any given situation. Knowing what is important also helps you improve your “Strategic Thinking,” which is actually the title for Module 1. Improving strategic thinking is key to moving up in leadership jobs.

You need to take a look at this free book chapter in order to decide how important it is to you to improve these skills so that you can stay resilient and think strategically as a leader or emerging leader.

Upping the Downside

Free Published Book Chapter

“Emotional Intelligence for Resilience,” in the Amazon best-seller book, UPPING the Downside.

Get your free copy of Bill’s book chapter

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