Performance Enhancement for Pairs Coaching Program

Our Performance Enhancement for Pairs Coaching Program empowers leaders to cultivate work relationships with key people.

Results you will see include:

  • “Getting off to a good start” on a new job
  • Interacting more effectively with your manager and key people
  • Collaborating better with team members
  • Coaching direct reports more effectively.

You can use this Program in several ways:

  • To enhance your coaching of your direct reports to strengthen their performance
  • To improve communication with your boss
  • To enhance collaboration and innovation with your peers, resulting in improved team productivity.

How do we do this?

To accomplish these results, we facilitate a structured Performance Enhancement for Pairs Coaching Program of dialogue. We ask questions such as: “What requests do you have for the other person that will help you work together better?” And “How can you flex to do things differently so that you work together better?” We help you prepare your answers to these questions before meeting with your direct report, peer, or boss.

At the meeting(s), we structure the conversation so that good listening happens and people speak up clearly with complaints and requests.

We coach each person how to speak in a manner that the other can hear. We encourage good listening. We ask for frequent paraphrasing to ensure that each person feels heard. Our structure for the conversation(s) brings out more empathy. Then solutions tend to arise naturally.

Problems that have been “swept under the rug” get aired and joint solutions are created. Agreements are made so that mutual expectations going forward are clear. In short, bent relationships get straightened out.

What if your key person declines to join you in our program? We can still help you devise strategies to work more effectively with them.

We strongly recommend combining our Performance Enhancement for Pairs Program with our Tele-Workshop to provide a powerful boost to learning of interpersonal skills. The TeleWorkshops give participants the skills, and the Performance Enhancement for Pairs Program gives them a structure for practicing and implementing the skills back on the job.

When necessary, we also help to resolve conflicts so that angry people can “get on with it,” working together in more effective ways. See Conflict Resolution Coaching.

For more information, call Bill Murray, at 919-240-7924.