Leadership that Works Program

Impacting the Bottom Line through People



If you have a dynamic executive who loves to develop people, this program will take them and their team from good to great!  They will impact the bottom line through people.

If greater competition and economic problems force you to do more with less, then one way to do that is to improve emotional intelligence and people skills.

Many leadership programs claim to do that with a quick fix, but they rarely give lasting results.  Our program is intense enough and long enough to stick and work over the long haul.

Our Leadership That Works Program significantly improves emotional intelligence and people skills, the most crucial part of leadership and management skills.  As leaders and managers model better people skills, their teams pick up the cues and improve their skills.  Then people get more resourceful and creative at impacting the bottom line.


What people problems plague your company’s leadership?

Leadership is not working well.  People are not fully engaged.  Goals are not attacked with enthusiasm; it is just business as usual.  People lack focus on crucial priorities; instead, small stuff gets done. People problems crop up and fester.


Working harder is not working.  Telling people they have to do more with less has become routine.  Most leaders feel they are already maxed out.  How can they work any harder?  And they have already cranked up the standards for results beyond what many people feel is realistic.  How can they expect their team to work any harder?

Leaders don’t really know the best ways of leading.  Internal company leadership training has been trimmed back.  Travel budgets to attend outside leadership training have been slashed.  Those who do attend 1-3 days of leadership training are not able to transfer their learning back to the job.  Their good intentions get washed away by work pressures.  Their learning evaporates.  Most people have experienced this and are now reluctant to sign up for new training programs.  New leaders mostly learn by trial and error.  And their team suffers from the errors and lacks engagement.



What is needed:

Executives and managers are resourceful and creative in impacting the bottom line through people.  They coach their direct reports how to impact the bottom line through their teams.


  • They know how to motivate, get teams engaged, and solve people problems.
  •  Everyone works smarter, not harder, focused on what really matters.
  •  They learn effective management and leadership skills in an efficient manner, not just by trial and error.


Get the above results

Our customized Leadership That Works Program empowers leaders to work smarter, not harder.

The first Module is entitled, “Strategic Thinking:  What Really Matters.”  Managers and leaders learn how to identify what is most important in any situation.  Focusing on what is important is a powerful skill of leadership.  Knowing this, leaders can motivate others to prioritize and get the most important tasks done.  And engagement grows.

As described in the above Problems section, leadership training alone will not get you these results.  Executive coaching alone will do better, but it lacks a foundation of clear leadership skills.  If the coach is training individual after individual to learn these skills, this is not cost effective.

Our program combines individual executive coaching with small group executive coaching which includes skill training.  This combination is both effective and cost effective.  Studies show that results increase about 70% with this combination compared to either individual coaching or training alone. To top it off, we offer a Self-Study Course to make learning even more effective as leaders have multiple ways to learn.

Our total Leadership That Works Program offers live virtual discussions in small groups,  individual one-on-one executive coaching, listening to recordings, and reading,


Uniquely Effective Program

What is special about this program?


If you want to learn a new language, immersion is the best way.  For example, I once lived in Germany in a town where no one spoke English.  I commuted to a premier language institute to learn German.  In 3 months, I was fluent.

If you want to learn a comprehensive set of management and leadership skills, immersion is the best way.  If you want to increase emotional intelligence, immersion is the best way because it offers lots of practice.  Our program gives your company the immersion it needs for leadership to become significantly more effective.

Comprehensive and intensive:

As mentioned, it offers 4 ways to learn:  Individual one-on-one executive coaching, small group executive coaching with live discussions, listening to recordings, and reading.  Our Self-Study Course can be used in down time such as exercising or driving.  It all works synergistically so that it is like learning a new language by immersion.


Learning that is spaced out over a year:

People learn best when they get small chunks of skill training that is spaced out.  This is especially true of skill training where one has to change to new behaviors, not just pick up new ideas.  Our program encourages participants to practice new skills in between small group sessions.  This also solves the problem of long workshops where people fill a gunny sack with ideas but never unpack the gunny sack when they get back to the job.


Learning transfers back to the job:

Coaching and training is a powerful combination that makes learning stick.  In our small group coaching sessions, leaders are given new leadership skills and approaches to people issues.  They have lively discussions as they bring up live cases where they need to use these new skills.

Then back on the job they implement the solutions that were discussed.  They practice new skills.  They get individual executive coaching or small group executive coaching to implement the skills in their specific challenging situations.  Then they return to the small group coaching sessions to tell what happened and get more feedback.

Other Benefits

What other results can you expect from our program?

Executives and managers increase their emotional intelligence, becoming more self-aware and managing their own emotions better.  Then they can then think more strategically and make better decisions.  They also have more social awareness and empathy so that they resonate better with others, forming better relationships.

People skills in general will improve including:

Strategic thinking

Decision making



Offering feedback

Asking for feedback


Relationship management

Resolving conflicts




Managing performance.


Executives and managers become supportive coaches, bringing out the best in their teams.

Executives and managers inspire their teams to be more resourceful in finding creative solutions to problems.

Executives and managers can handle crucial conversations in high-stakes situations where emotions are likely to get hot.  Conflicts get resolved.

Managers will be able to step into new leadership roles with more finesse and self-confidence.



We shall customize our program to be just right for your company.


The virtual delivery of our program is cost effective.  Our entire program can be virtual and can be delivered at a distance, saving travel costs.  This allows your company to develop a leadership team than is dispersed geographically.  Of course I can travel for on-site delivery when desired.



Virtual delivery also allows your leaders to have short, weekly sessions that do not interfere with their regular schedules.  They can interact from the comfort of their offices.


Good investment:

The time and money your company spends on this program will be overshadowed by the pay offs of leadership that works to motivate engagement and solve people problems.  Don’t compare us to quick fix leadership programs that actually deliver very little.  Compare your investment to the ROI that will be good as the results of the program generate bottom line impact.  Ask, “What is it worth to us to have more effective leaders?”  It will be worth far more than your investment.



What you get


Our Leadership That Works Program lasts one year, enough time for building significant new leadership skills.


Executive.  For the top person in the team:


Weekly executive coaching plus other coaching on request, for example,  to handle difficult situations.  The executive may request coaching  right before handling a crucial people problem, shadow coaching during the event, and afterwards, a conversation to learn from the event.

This program is not designed to be remedial.  Rather, the top executive needs to be good already, wanting to go to excellent, and wanting to take their team to excellent.

The executive also gets all of the following services provided for the team.


Team members.  For executives or managers reporting to the top executive (up to 14 people):


1. Weekly Small Group Executive Coaching:

These virtual sessions provide skill building content in the crucial skills needed to impact the bottom line through people.  Exercises provide practice during sessions.  Peer coaching is encouraged to surface the wisdom of the group.  45 hours of content are delivered as part of our Program, Leadership Communication®: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.  Managers are encouraged to apply the content to their challenges back on the job and return to tell us how it went and get feedback.


2. Recordings:

Recordings will be made of the above Weekly small group executive coaching sessions.  This allows those who miss a session to keep up.  Some people will want to listen to a session because something important happened and they want to reinforce their learning.  These recordings will be available for downloading as mp3 files.


3. Self-Study Course:

Both recordings and articles supplement and reinforce the live small group executive coaching sessions.


Over 120 recordings of past groups’ small group executive coaching sessions are available for downloading as mp3 files.  The executive and managers can listen to these recordings as they drive, work out, etc.  Hearing the content a second time makes it stick better.  Learning is also reinforced by the fact that I have always presented the content a little differently in response to remarks made by prior group members.  The challenges prior group members talk about are always different.  These case situations of prior groups are interesting and instructive.


Over 110 articles by me are available as PDF files.  The executive and managers can read these at their convenience when traveling, etc.  These articles summarize all the skills taught in the recordings and the live virtual sessions.  Some people learn best by reading.  The articles give them that option.



Is our program right for your company?


If you want a quick fix leadership program, there are hundreds of them out there.  You can easily find one.  They promise the moon, but often deliver very little in terms of lasting results.

We coach leaders how to impact the bottom line through people.  If you want to see leadership skills actually improve significantly, and “leadership that works,” our program may be best for you.

Our immersion approach gives leaders an intense enough dose of coaching that it actually works to improve emotional intelligence and skills.  Spacing out the learning over a year, gives leaders much opportunity to practice new skills on the job and get feedback in the next coaching session.  I provide group coaching to surface the wisdom of group members.  So the peer coaching is rich too.

Combining group and individual coaching allows the top leader, the executive, to learn in small groups and apply new leadership insights and tools back on the job and get individual coaching to help implement them.


It is important for the top executive to be a real booster for this program to succeed.  That executive needs to relish leadership development.  He/she needs to be willing to put the time into an immersion approach to make leadership work.  The executive should be enthusiastically seeking to:

1. Go from good to great, to a mastery level of leadership skill.

2. Model this skill for team members to imitate.

3. Cultivate skills in direct reports.

The executive should be glad to offer his/her own real life challenges as case examples for lively small group discussion.  This makes cases real to life, and the executive gets feedback, the breakfast of champions.


Our program can be tailored to meet you company’s needs.


This comprehensive program is best suited for medium-sized companies.  The investment is such that small companies often shy away from the full program and select just one or two types of coaching services instead.  However, medium-sized companies can step up to the investment when they realize that the synergistic results of the full program will be well worth it.


Get a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session


This is a no-obligation way to see if our program is a good fit for your company.

To examine the fit, let’s explore:

  •  What challenges do your leaders face?
  •  What results do you need?  How important would our above “Results” be for your company?
  •  How our program might move your company ahead.


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I look forward to exploring your concerns and options with you.

Bill Murray