Leader as Coach

We show leaders how to improve their coaching of direct reports and team members, including how to:

  • Control less and empower more.
  • Improve interpersonal skills needed to coach effectively.
  • Become more confident and tackle the crucial conversations that they used to put off.

Results you will see include:

  • Improved performance of your direct reports.
  • Better staff retention due to clearer communication and reduced frustrations.
  • Savings of time and money thanks to fewer misunderstandings and less rework.
  • Motivated staff who feel heard and appreciated.
  • More effective work teams who listen and communicate better to achieve stronger results.

Our coaching skills will enhance all your work interactions. You will learn to discover and analyze people’s needs better so that you can respond appropriately. Studies show that many people cut short this step. They move too quickly to offering advice and solutions. First learn to really put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see things from their point of view. Then you can get on their wavelength and communicate effectively with them.

Our Program:

We begin with our TeleWorkshop, Coaching Skills of Highly Effective Leaders. Leaders polish all the interpersonal skills they need to coach effectively. They practice these skills back on the job in between our TeleWorkshop sessions.

After the TeleWorkshop, participants receive personalized Executive Coaching to formulate strategies for handling their crucial leadership conversations. They hold those crucial conversations and report back to us how it went to get our feedback. We encourage them to get feedback from their direct reports and team members, too.

Leaders receive further personalized coaching through our Performance Enhancement for Pairs Program. Bill guides them through a crucial leadership conversation with another person. With our structured facilitation, they experience how coaching skills can work at their best. Then they can demonstrate their own coaching for us and get feedback.

Executives consistently report that this highly personalized and structured approach reinforces their new skills and makes them more confident as they implement their new coaching techniques on the job. They see results in their own performance and in the performance of their team, and they have assistance putting their new skills into practice until they become habit.