Leadership Communication®, Virtual Workshop Series

“Leadership Communication®: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.”


Train the Trainer Option


You can have your corporate trainers get trained by me to deliver these virtual workshops or any topic within them.  I have strong skills from my train the trainer experience with Zenger-Miller, the leading firm at the time in leadership training.


Virtual Workshops Improve Business Results

  • Improve how you manage yourself and your relationships to create excellent business results – profits, productivity, morale, retention of leaders, etc. Develop emergent leaders.
  • Get results through emotional intelligence, defined by Daniel Goleman as the ability to have a high level of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.
    Egon Zehnder International, a leading executive search firm, conducted a study of over 500 senior executives and concluded that “Emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success than either relevant previous experience or high I.Q.”
  • Learn with ease from your office as you participate in a series of telephone conference calls, see Bill’s virtual whiteboard, and use an extensive Participant Workbook. The sessions are recorded so you can listen to them when you have to miss one. You can also listen to over 110 recorded live sessions in our corresponding Self-Study Course. It also includes a Training Manual with articles you can read on each Module.
  • Cost effective: The group coaching and training approach of this Virtual Workshop Series gives you some of the benefits and Results of our individual Executive Coaching Program at a fraction of the cost. Also it gives you a place to practice new skills in an emotionally safe setting.

Bill Murray

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You may purchase Modules one at a time. If you plan to buy more than one it is best for skill building to keep them in the following sequence. Here are the topics and results of each individual Module:

  1. Strategic Thinking: What Really Matters

    Developing your ability to think strategically is essential for moving into management and leadership positions. High potentials – soar to your potential by improving this skill set. This Module will help you stay focused on what is important.

  2. Communication Skills

    Handle crucial conversations masterfully, and you will solve problems. When you speak in a manner others can hear, your communication is clear and effective. Good communication skills build good relationships.

  3. Dialogue Skills

    You can discover and clear up misunderstandings by paraphrasing what others say and asking for feedback. Your dialogue skills will help you foster collaboration. Others will feel heard and be glad to work with you. Dialogue creates win/win solutions.

  4. Assertiveness Skills

    You can achieve win/win outcomes by expressing yourself assertively. Be respected and effective as a person who is neither too passive nor too aggressive. Get what you really want while respecting the wishes of others.

  5. Self-Management

    Increasing your self-awareness is the first step toward both good self-management and better relationships. Consistently tune in to your own thinking, feelings, desires and values. Keep focused on what is important to you during crucial conversations. Manage your feelings and behaviors.

  6. Relationship Management

    Improve working relationships for better results. Improve your ability to connect with empathy. Maintain connection and empathy even during difficult conversations.

  7. Conflict Transformation and Connecting

    Minimize conflict and maximize connection. Learn a 4-step process for connecting with people to build effective relationships. It is valuable in many situations including managing conflicts and handling difficult conversations.

  8. Listening Skills

    As a leader, excellent listening empowers your direct reports. Listening establishes rapport. After you connect with listening, you are more likely to have a productive conversation. Robert Greenleaf, an AT&T leadership developer who invented the term “servant leader,” asserted that listening is the most important skill of a servant leader.

  9. Facilitation and Empowerment

    Excel as a leader by coaching your direct reports to perform at their best. Empower people to find their own solutions to problems. Discover and build on their strengths and resources.

  10. Performance Management

    Managers and leaders frequently need to coach direct reports to improve these skills: Planning, problem solving, and decision making. We all need to excel at these skills for our own effective self-management to get results.

  11. Putting It All Together with Coaching Labs

    Deepen all your skills. Practice all the skills from all the Modules at the same time through case study discussions. Bring up your own case situations for discussion. Role play and receive coaching to solve your problems. See how different Modules give insights on issues so that your knowledge increases.



Click Here for a 5-minute recording of William R. Murray describing how our Virtual Workshop series will benefit you.

Harvard Business School Endorses Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Our founder, William R. Murray, noticed in 2001 that the Harvard Business School Press started publishing articles and books on emotional intelligence in leadership, including Bill’s favorite, Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, et. al. This book describes dozens of ways that emotional intelligence is crucial for top performance of leaders and for business results.

Harvard obviously saw the value of emotional intelligence for leaders. So did Bill. He got the message way back in 1972 during his MBA studies at the Harvard Business School . Professors repeatedly asserted that interpersonal skills are what make the executive, not technical skills. Now we realize that leaders also need other emotional intelligence competencies to be successful, such as self-awareness and empathy.

Bill designed this Group Executive Coaching composed of a series of Virtual Workshops to help you to improve in all these competencies, which we describe later. This Virtual Workshop series presents complex concepts in easy-to-learn, bite-sized chunks with lots of time for practice during and in between sessions. Plus you get the support of other leaders and of Bill’s Executive Coaching while you learn.

Valuable Peer Group and Networking:

Learn from other executives, managers, and professionals. Pool your wisdom. Gain new points of view.
Network with them and share contacts.

Group Coaching Will Help You Go From Good to Great as an Emotionally Intelligent Leader:

  • Improve performance for yourself and your team.
  • Make your work relationships more effective.
  • Inspire others and get more buy-in as you tune in to them better.
  • Attract and retain top performers.
  • Develop your people and teams better.

Go From Good to Great in Personal Effectiveness:

  • Know what you really want and act with perseverance to get it.
  • Make decisions more effectively by clarifying what really matters.
  • Develop more control of your emotions.
  • Know what motivates you and others to greater commitment and enthusiasm.

Go from Good to Great in Professional Relationships:

  • Prospect and sell faster and better with more rapport.
  • Keep clients longer with stronger relationships.
  • Get more referrals from satisfied customers.
  • Surface and straighten out dissatisfaction.



Our Live, Instructor-Led Virtual Workshop Modular Series includes:

  1. Telephone conference calls superbly facilitated by Bill Murray, a corporate trainer since 1976.
  2. An extensive Participant Workbook 160 pages long.
  3. Optional – Self-Study Course with:
    1. Training Manuals for each Module, and
    2. Over 110 audio recordings of live sessions arranged by Module.

* * *


Hear Diana Collazo’s Audio Recording

“As a senior manager in a medium sized nonprofit, I have found that my participation in Bill Murray’s virtual workshop series has provided me with new insights and skills for navigating the emotional landscape of the workplace. Thus I am more skilled at finding opportunities to create greater productivity, stronger professional relationships and increased job satisfaction for myself and my co-workers.

The course includes techniques for raising awareness of the role emotions play in the workplace and teaches a fact and value based approach that uses empathy and forethought to reach win-win solutions to workplace problems. I particularly like that course participants are given the opportunity to practice the new techniques with each other during the workshops, as I find this helps me start more comfortably down the path of using them in my workplace.”

Thomas A. Harris, Chief of Staff/General Counsel, State Employees Association of North Carolina, Inc.

“One session on coaching skills from Bill’s Virtual Workshop Series got me to make some changes in how I help those I supervise deal with problems they encounter. I have switched from focusing on trying to offer advice and possible solutions, to facilitating the person to figure out for themselves the best solutions and behaviors.
Soon after the session with Bill I applied this approach in coaching a supervisor who was having a very difficult challenge. Staying focused on helping the supervisor name the difficulty he was experiencing, identifying what would help improve the situation, and supporting him to take the steps he outlined had very positive effects. The supervisor felt empowered as he experienced his inner wisdom and strength, I felt new found freedom, and the situation was resolved in a very fruitful way.

This coaching approach fits with my spirituality of seeking to call out the gifts of people. I recommend Bill’s program on emotional intelligence for anyone who wants to gain new tools to improve their leadership skills.”

Susan Mitchell, Executive Director for Portland L’ Arche


Bill MurrayBill Murray, Harvard MBA, Yale M.Div., MCC, has been a corporate trainer since 1976. He helped JC Penney’s open the largest management development center in New York City. Since then he has trained and coached countless leaders, managers and professionals.

Bill was a pathfinder in offering distance learning through conference calls and the web starting in 1999. Bill’s  teaching methods for distance learning bring results through interactive case studies.

What People Say:

Participants tell us that Bill excels at creating an atmosphere of trust and at helping them to share and learn from each other. They report that this high level of trust and deeper level of interaction produces more wisdom and interpersonal growth than other workshops they have attended.

As participants supply cases and examples relevant to their work, it is more likely that they will apply the workshop insights back on the job. Bill’s follow-up Executive Coaching also helps them to apply the workshop principles to their specific issues.


“Thank you for your support, wisdom and help the past 18 months in my quest to improve my career and pattern for running my life. I really have come to appreciate your ability to listen deeply to my issues and encourage me at the same time. My wife and I were really stimulated and challenged by your classes in Coaching Skills and are already putting our new skills to good use. I would be happy to be a reference for you in the future and would encourage anyone thinking of getting some coaching to give you a try.”

Matt Meinel, mattmeinel@pobox.com, (formerly Managing Director, Information Technology at UBS, a leading global bank)

“I am a retired engineering manager, and now am actively pursuing my avocation of R & D in a church setting. My search led me to Bill Murray’s emotional intelligence workshops. I have attended his full program repeatedly because I keep on learning how to strengthen my skills. I am writing because I have found Bill’s presentation unique and helpful. Further I think the process is important. Bill introduces content and we discuss or role play an aspect of emotional intelligence. Learning and actual growing takes place through the interaction and group wisdom.

Bill facilitates the process to help us discover wisdom for ourselves. The content of the workshop is the elements of emotional intelligence, but the real benefit is the process by which these elements are learned. The goal is not only understanding emotional intelligence, but making it become part of our nature so that we build sincere and valuable relationships.”

Ken A., retired manager

“Maybe, like me, you are one of the ever increasing number of executives that have come to believe that knowing and managing yourself and understanding and effectively working with others are four critical keys to fostering professional development. And if you’re looking for the Cornerstone Course that effectively integrates these principles, then I strongly recommend that you place Bill Murray’s Virtual Workshops on emotional intelligence and leadership at the top of your ‘Must Do Now’ list. Bill has not only mastered these principles, but also, the art of designing and facilitating the experiential learning process.”

Stephen Hinkle, President, SYNAPCO SERVICES GROUP

“Bill Murray’s telephone training in Emotional Intelligence for leaders has been extremely useful to me. My world, as with anyone else in modern business, requires more and more working in short-lived teams of strangers. The team is only effective when everyone is able to understand what we each really mean. Bill’s EI training has given me useful tools to accelerate getting teams delivering results faster and better.”

Graham Boyd, Section Head, Global Packaging Development Brussels, Procter and Gamble

“I found the virtual workshops on Leadership Communication and emotional intelligence a convenient way to connect with other professionals in a safe and positive environment, to polish skills and learn better ways to get the message across. Once the meetings got into my calendar, I just dialed in and enjoyed. The diversity of participants in the workshop provided a great forum for experimenting with an idea or skill that I could then apply in my work or personal setting. Constructive feedback along with a chance to practice new options has resulted in an improvement in my personal communication skill. I use skills gained in audit situations, to try for a clearer and better focused communication process.”

Patti Owen, Manager, Glaxo-Smith-Kline

Bill Murray

Call me, Bill Murray, for more information and free samples at 919-240-7924.


Self-Study Course

Our Self-Study Course is based on this Group Executive Coaching Virtual Workshop Series. This Self-Study Course can be used as a stand alone form of learning, or it can supplement your learning of this Virtual Workshop with new perspectives on Leadership Communication® and emotional intelligence.

You may listen to over 110 audio recordings of live sessions on mp3 files. Listen at any time or place.

You will see how emotional intelligence skills apply to many different situations of participants as they offer them for case studies and discussions.

You get a Participant Workbook to guide you as you listen to the audio recordings and read Training Manuals on our Virtual Workshop topics arranged by Modules.

For more information, please:

  1. Visit our detailed description at Self-Study Course
  2. Call our President, Bill Murray at 919-240-7924
  3. For prices or to order, visit our Store.


Enhance Performance for Entire Management Team

Executives and HR Directors: Arrange for an intact team to attend this Group Executive Coaching, and they will benefit not only in better leadership and communication skills, but also in teamwork . The Virtual Workshop format is also very practical for dispersed teams who can come together via a series of conference calls. The management team will:

  • Have more cohesion , be on the same page.
  • Collaborate better.
  • Have a common viewpoint and language about effective leadership and communication.
  • Assert themselves appropriately to iron things out smoothly, more quickly.
  • Model these collaboration skills for others.


“The workshop facilitated by William Murray and the staff at Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching, LLC was very beneficial to me and the entire staff. We left the workshop feeling very positive and energized about our future direction. The techniques for listening, facilitating, and appreciating with empathy were especially useful. Our communication has improved dramatically. We work better as a team ensuring that the individual decisions we make support the overall goals and objectives of the organization. I highly recommend the workshop for others seeking to improve the interpersonal skills of their leadership teams.”

Randy Orr, Manager

Bill Murray

Call me, Bill Murray, for more information and free samples at 919-240-7924.

Lead Your Team to Better Results:

  • Inspire your team with resonating emotional intelligence.
  • Notice and shape group norms to support positive outcomes.
  • Notice group needs and moods and respond effectively with empathy .
  • Encourage dialogue and fruitful confrontation of issues to find best solutions.

Handle Difficult Conversations:

  • At work, you will be more skilled at handling difficult situations and conversations.
  • At home, you will be more understanding and you will relate to your family and friends better.
  • Be able to assert yourself appropriately to handle difficult people.
  • Be willing to surface conflicts and know that you can manage them effectively.

Reach Your Potential as a Leader or Professional with Emotional Intelligence:

  • Soar like an eagle to the heights of your potential.
  • Shed old habits that hold you back.
  • Learn new skills that work far better than some of your current repertoire.

Communicate for Results:

  • Speak in a manner others can hear .
  • Seek and get feedback , “the breakfast of champions.”
  • Gather information people usually withhold so that you can make better decisions.
  • Dialogue to learn from and to motivate others.

Manage Yourself with Emotional Intelligence:

  • Improve the management of your own emotions during your interactions with others.
  • Develop personal power, zest, resilience, and creativity.
  • Handle overwhelming situations calmly, and stay resourceful .

Expert Group Facilitation

Bill Murray

You will build leadership and communication skills through the outstanding individual and Group Executive Coaching of Bill Murray. You can trust him. He has over 30 years of experience leading and coaching leaders. He himself received training from universities and numerous prestigious corporate training organizations such as NTL (National Training Labs) to hone his facilitation skills.

For over 30 years, Bill has led many workshops and Virtual Workshops for managers and leaders. He was a pioneer in providing distance learning. In recent years, he has concentrated on Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Professionals. Bill developed this Virtual Workshop series to bring time-tested competencies in interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to leaders in an experiential, interactive format that maximizes learning.

Here is Bill’s short bio:

I am a Harvard MBA, Yale M.Div., Master Certified Coach, and graduate of Corporate Coach U. I started as a line manager with bottom-line profit responsibility. Then in 1976, I began training and coaching managers in leadership and communication skills in JC Penney’s corporate headquarters in NYC. I helped JC Penney’s open the largest management training center in New York .

Since then I have trained and coached leaders in companies ranging from large companies like IBM, to small businesses. In 1993, I founded Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching, LLC with the motto , “Powerful leadership through emotional intelligence.” I coach executives, leaders, managers, and business owners individually and in small groups to improve leadership through emotional intelligence.

My passion is to see you grow professionally, perform at your best, and enjoy it.

* * *

More Testimonials

“The workshop provided me with a broad range of techniques in dealing with people. I feel this workshop greatly enhanced my people skills .”

Paul Connolly, retired military officer

“Bill Murray shares his wealth of material and experience in an interactive course that helps each participant to learn and understand the many vital components of emotional intelligence and its application in the workplace. The examples and exercises are very useful for leaders and professionals.”

Kimberly Weichel, CEO, Ubuntu Peace Building

“Your workshop on emotional intelligence provided significant insight in interpersonal dynamics. The combination of theory and discussion of case studies from our personal experiences helped me to gain greater understanding. I now have greaterconfidence in encountering and managing conflict .”

Jim Bell, Sr. pastor of a large church

“The workshop gave me the skills and confidence to approach my Dad to solve a big problem between us in the family business.”

John, president of a company

“Through my ongoing work with Bill Murray (both his Virtual Workshops and Executive Coaching), I am learning to make my needs known more clearly. I am improving mycommunication skills and becoming more self-confidentas a leader and mentor. Bill helps me think through how bestto respond to conflict situations and challenging personnel issues. His non-judgmental listening skills convey tremendous acceptance and understanding when I voice doubts and problems. I am a more assertive executive director as a result of his steady guidance and wisdom.”

Lloyd Schmeidler, Executive Director of a large nonprofit organization

“As a new manager, I took William Murray’s workshop at Duke University , hoping to improve my communication with those I supervised as well as with my peers. The class turned out to be a valuable way to understand what I valued and how I communicated. I realized that I was too aggressive at times but that I also avoided many opportunities for connectingwith other people. Bill’s input, along with interaction with other participants, helped me understand what went into my communications so much better. By the time all of us in the class had done some personal examination, we had a real foundation for coaching others through the kind of conflict that inevitably occurs in workplace settings.”

Janet Reed, Knowledge Vector, Inc., Durham , NC

Bill Murray

Call me, Bill Murray, for more information and free samples at 919-240-7924.

Emotional Intelligence Competencies

The following Emotional Intelligence Competencies are the major topics of our Group Executive Coaching composed of a series of Virtual Workshops . Each one numbered below is a separate Module of the Virtual Workshop series, lasting 4 hours.



  1. Strategic Thinking
    Know what you really want.
    Stay focused on it.
  2. Communication Skills
    Handle crucial conversations masterfully.
    Speak in a manner others can hear.
  3. Dialogue Skills
    Paraphrase what others say and ask, “Did I get it right?”
    Seek feedback.
  4. Assertiveness Skills
    Express yourself assertively for win/win outcomes.
  5. Self-Management
    Tune in to your own thinking, feelings, desires, and values.
    Stay aware of your inner world during crucial conversations.
  6. Relationship Management
    Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
    Have empathy for the other person’s inner world during crucial conversations.
  7. Conflict Transformation and Connecting
    Minimize conflict and maximize connection.
  8. Listening Skills
    Be open, curious, and receptive. Delay giving advice initially.
    Ask good questions with a light touch.
    Listen intently, actively, deeply.
  9. Facilitation and Empowerment
    Facilitate people finding their own solutions to problems.
    Discover and build on others’ strengths and resources.
  10. Performance Management
    Clarify problems and opportunities.
    Set goals and explore alternatives.
    Choose solutions, plan actions, and follow up.
  11. Putting It All Together with Coaching Labs
    Practice all skills in live sessions with feedback.
    Put skills to work on the job and be coached to improve.

* * *

Learning Objectives

As a participant, by the end of this Group Executive Coaching series of Virtual Workshops , you will understand how emotional intelligence makes better leaders and professionals. And you will be more skillful at applying the above emotional intelligence competencies on the job. Here are the competencies once again, phrased more concisely as learning objectives:

  • Module 1: Think strategically and set goals effectively
  • Module 1: Stay focused on priorities during stressful situations
  • Module 2: Handle difficult conversations masterfully
  • Module 3: Dialogue with others in a positive way that gains results
  • Module 3: Give and receive feedback
  • Module 4: Be assertive, not aggressive or avoiding
  • Module 5: Be emotionally competent at self-management
  • Module 6: Be emotionally competent at relationship management
  • Module 6: Have empathy, tune into others
  • Module 7: Minimize conflict and maximize connection
  • Module 8: Listen well and effectively to others
  • Module 9: Coach others to be more resourceful and emotionally intelligent
  • Module 9: Empower others by building on their strengths
  • Module 10: Manage performance of yourself and others
  • Module 10: Solve problems and make decisions more effectively
  • Module 11: Put it all together in practice sessions and get feedback on your new skills.

Bill Murray

Call me, Bill Murray, for more information and free samples at 919-240-7924.

Effective, Interactive Format

Our Group Executive Coaching Virtual Workshops are conducted as a series of telephone conference calls and web-based computer screen sharing. Participants may join in with ease and convenience from any location, with no travel expense. And we also offer on-site workshops. Smaller organizations can open up the workshops to participants from other organizations to share the cost.

Executives become engrossed and excited because they find our Virtual Workshops so interactive with live experiential exercises based on their own cases . Business owners and leaders become motivated to learn with enthusiasm how to improve their emotional intelligence, interpersonal leadership skills, and coaching skills.

Spacing out the learning over time gives participants a chance to practice new skills and to tell us what happened next session. Skills learned are immediately implemented on the job and they stick. Studies show that spaced-out learning is far more effective than day-long workshops.

Our Virtual Workshops are often a cost-effective way to begin improving leadership skills, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. Studies show that this type of group executive coaching is very effective on its own, and that it is even more effective if it is combined with individual executive coaching.

This combination provides the structure and practice that will significantly improve skills to reach new levels of performance. Our Group Executive Coaching Virtual Workshops give participants the structure they need to learn new skills, and our individual Executive Coaching gives them assistance for practicing and implementing the skills back on the job.

Why Our Approach Works

Nancy Maeder of Durham NC , said, “I was a participant for a day-long training program at Duke University on coaching skills by Bill Murray. I found his approaches and practices very helpful for increasing my people skills. His group was very interactive and engaging so I signed up for his Virtual Workshop series too.”

Our Virtual Workshops are an interpersonal skills training lab, a skill-building experience that is highly interactive. You will learn by doing. Studies consistently show that more powerful learning happens when you are actively engaged. In addition, participants report they enjoy the sessions much more, and feel more confident and able to implement the skills on their jobs.

You will observe demonstrations and role plays, and give feedback on what you observed. You will practice listening, communicating, asserting yourself, increasing self-awareness, expressing empathy, connecting, and other skills characteristic of successful leadership, in a safe environment under Bill’s supportive guidance.

Then you will practice the skills between sessions. You implement them right away on your job so that they become part of your repertoire. At the next session, you will have a chance to talk about your successes using these skills, and to hear other leaders talk about their experiences. This combination of learning over time, practicing skills in between sessions, and building on success, will give you skills that stick.

This Group Executive Coaching process works. Leaders significantly improve their leadership people skills and their crucial business relationships. As mentioned above, a combined approach of Group Executive Coaching and individual Executive Coaching, really works! It maximizes implementation of new skills on the job. Participants appreciate the chance to discuss in a confidential setting how to apply the Virtual Workshops to their specific situations.

Involving Others in Crucial Conversations

If the work situation you want to address involves another key player, you may ask that person to join us. Bill will facilitate successful communication between you both so that you solve relationship problems and communicate better in the future. Bill can also help you address crucial conversations that need to happen. Bill’s facilitation will structure the conversation for a productive outcome. This can occur in our group coaching sessions and/or in separate three-way telephone calls.

Boost Your Leadership Ability with Our Emotional Intelligence Programs

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  • Receive a unique combination of individual and Group Executive Coaching that:
    • Teaches you the concepts of emotional intelligence,
    • Gives you a safe group to practice new skills in, and
    • Coaches you privately to implement new skills on the job.

Bill Murray

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