Grooming High Performers

Building Peak Performance and Moving Up

Our Executive Coaching Program can assist you to groom your high performers for moving up to a position of greater responsibility. We help your leading players to develop the winning skills and abilities necessary to advance.

And we can help those recently promoted to get off to a good start on their new job. We help them to perform at their best and also to clarify expectations with their new boss and colleagues. Our Executive Coaching will be viewed by high performers as a perk that will help attract and retain them.

Through our extensive Assessment Program, we get to know the player well so that we can coach them in depth. Our clients tell us that we help clients achieve at their best level and that our Executive Coaching is a good investment.

Breaking Through Barriers to Growth

Are you looking for in-depth coaching for that special executive who is too valuable to lose, but whose performance is being limited by problematic behaviors or interpersonal difficulties? Our Executive Coaching Program will support them in overcoming obstacles to executive growth and productivity.

Some executives may have reached a “stuck point” in their career. Our Executive Coaching Program helps them to identify and overcome the internal blocks that are preventing further professional growth.

They may need to overcome a specific limitation that is inhibiting their performance, such as:

  • Ineffective relationship management
  • Poor communication skills
  • Problems with assertiveness
  • Low self-esteem and self confidence.

We assist executives to break through self-limiting patterns by coaching them to:

  • Identify and connect to inner strengths and abilities.
  • Clarify values and set positive goals.
  • Improve interpersonal skills.
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Recognize and transform self-limiting behavior
  • Create a new, more successful story for their lives.
  • Persevere until new behaviors get stronger.
  • Learn to manage and alleviate stress.

We are skilled at aligning with individuals in a way that builds trust and motivation for change. Our Executive Coaching Program gives executives the support and tools they need to break out of old patterns and break into successful behavior.