Conflict Resolution Coaching

We may need to facilitate Conflict Resolution for people who clearly have much resentment toward each other. We assess the amount of resentment that has built up and tailor our approach accordingly.

Results of our Conflict Resolution Coaching are:

  • Resolve conflicts that are harming your company’s productivity and profits
  • Nip conflicts in the bud before they get out of hand
  • Protect your crucial business relationships against future conflicts
  • Motivate your key people to work as a team
  • Build better work relationships so that everyone performs better
  • Significantly improve communication and people skills.

Bill Murray has frequently facilitated meetings between antagonists and watched them soften up with his assistance until they finally reached some agreements. He encourages good listening and creative problem solving to reach win/win solutions. Follow-up meetings and telephone coaching help ensure compliance.

Bill has a long history of facilitating conflict resolution. In one job in a hospital, he resolved conflict among all staff from VP’s to dish washers. The 140 managers came to Bill to straighten out problem behaviors of their employees. The employees came to Bill to complain about the managers. Bill brought them both together to solve the problems in creative, win/win approaches.

Since founding his own consulting firm in 1993, Bill has assisted individuals and organizations to resolve and manage conflicts. People change from being angry and uncooperative to being ready to get on with working together in productive ways. And he trains companies how to nip future conflicts in the bud too. Clients appreciate Bill’s trustworthiness and ethical values as a graduate of Yale Divinity School.

Bill has been trained and approved by NY and NC states as a mediator. Bill has also been trained by the Alban Institute in a one-week-long workshop on resolving conflicts. Finally, his facilitation skills have been highly developed by months of training over several years from NTL (National Training Labs) and other corporate training organizations. For more information on Bill, see About Us.

Conflicts cost your organization money, productivity, and pain. Why let conflicts fester when you can call us at 919-240-7924 for relief and exchange pain for productivity?

Please see our workshop Team Building: How to Minimize Conflict and Maximize Connection.