Executive Team Coaching

Our structured Executive Team Coaching Program will boost your company’s executive team performance. Our program can significantly improve the personal, interpersonal, and group effectiveness of your executive team. Executives will have more feeling of being on the same page and more desire and ability to collaborate. Their synergy will boost creativity, productivity, and profits for the organization.

Here’s how we do it.

We custom build our program to suit your situation and budget. We offer a combination of four structured approaches that improve performance and allow us to understand your executives at a depth level so that our facilitation, feedback, and recommended solutions are truly helpful.

  1. Individual Executive Coaching for your CEO and direct reports. Our Executive Coaching assists your executives to clarify their thinking and goals, make better decisions, and work together more effectively. Also, the executive team will be more effective with their own direct reports. Everyone will improve their motivation, enthusiasm, and energy.
  2. Our Performance Enhancement for Pairs Coaching Program improves communication and interactions between any two leaders. Any of the top executives receiving our Executive Coaching may volunteer to receive our Performance Enhancement for Pairs Program together. As pairs of the top executives improve their working relationships and resolve issues between them, the whole executive team moves ahead more easily.
  3. Our Group Executive Coaching TeleWorkshops improve an executive’s communication, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence. When top executives take a Teleworkshop together, they will interact frequently in structured experiential exercises that improve their interactions. Thus the workshops have a teambuilding effect, even as they directly build skills to enhance job performance. Executives report that our TeleWorkshops are lively, informative, and enjoyable with many experiential exercises.
  4. Group Coaching for Executive Team Building. We observe your executive team meetings and give feedback to your CEO or to the whole team. Our feedback assists you to improve group interactions and effectiveness. We can also coach you to find new solutions to group problems. We have frequently facilitated meetings between antagonists and watched them soften up until they finally reached some agreements.

Executives are often surprised at the effectiveness of our structured, four-pronged Executive Team Coaching Program. Leaders get on board as they discover that our coaching activities are worth their time and effort. Improving executives’ personal, interpersonal, and group effectiveness will definitely pay for itself on the bottom line.

We will be glad to customize a program to meet your company’s needs. We also offer trial packages to minimize your financial risk.

If you are in a family business, see also Executive Team Coaching for Family Businesses.