Dream Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth

For whom?

Everyone can benefit from their night time dreams. We can be more effective and happier if we increase our self-awareness through understanding our dreams.  Dream Coaching can be integrated as part of Executive Coaching.  Or, since it can benefit anyone, Dream Coaching can stand alone as a separate service offering.  Please contact me, Bill Murray, if you are interested in individual or group dream work.  Call 919-918-3389.

Benefits of appreciating dreams:

What do we gain from understanding and engaging with our dreams?  Dreams bring guidance about where we are blocked and encourage us to move toward certain attitudes and endeavors.  Dreams help us improve as leaders, parents, cancer survivors, senior citizens, etc.  Dreams steer us toward what we need to do in our lives.  Then as we reflect on our dreams, we get new energy to get there.  In short, dreams can indicate what we need and give us new energy to embody that.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.  When you reflect on your dreams, record the results, and follow their guidance, you create a record of successful outcomes.  You can look back and see movement toward expanded living.  Remarkable wisdom can come through your dreams – plus energy to help you move toward your goals.

Where does the wisdom come from?  No one knows for sure.  Ancients followed the wisdom of their dreams and so do modern day seekers in diverse areas such psychotherapy, religion, research, and integrative healthcare. I agree with many others who believe that a Higher Self delivers wisdom through dreams.  With my dreams, I experience a Supportive Presence as I reflect on my dreams and try to carry out their wisdom.

How I got into this spiritual practice:

About 30 years ago I began using practices to understand my dreams from a book,  Inner Work, by Robert Johnson, a renowned Jungian analyst.  Every morning I wrote out my dreams and played with them to discover their meaning.  Even when I had to commute across NYC and Brooklyn for 2 hours each way to my hospital administration job, I wrote about my dreams on my clipboard as I sat or stood on subways and buses.

In 1997 I traveled to a workshop on understanding dreams. Robert Johnson led my small group for a week. This experience was riveting.  At the end of the week, Robert commissioned me to start a dream group back home.  I did that with the help of our local Jungian Society.  That group has met in my home weekly until I recently moved.  Some members have been in the group the entire time because they find it so worthwhile.

In my large church, I have led several other groups into dream work.  In addition to this group work, I have coached over 50 individuals to benefit from their dreams.

In my current retirement center community, I have led a dream group for over a year.  This group has 2 Jungian analysts in it and others who are skilled with dreams.  We get depth and resonance in our sessions.


International Association for the Study of Dreams = http://www.asdreams.org

Tallulah Lyons is the co-founder of the Healing Power of Dreams Project for the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) = http://www.asdreams.org.  You may contact her directly at www.healingpowerofdreams.com.


The Haden Institute = http://www.hadeninstitute.com/ – conferences on dreams in NC.

Journey Conferences = http://www.journeyconferences.com/  –  conferences on dreams in NC.


There are many wonderful books on dreams.  Here are a few:

My favorite is by Tallulah Lyons:  Dreams and Guided Imagery:  Gifts for Transforming Illness and Crisis.

The classic on dreams is Inner Work, by Robert Johnson, mentioned above.

The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life, by Jeremy Taylor.

Dreams, God’s Forgotten Language, by John Sanford.

Unopened Letters from God, by Rev. Robert Haden.

Dreamcatching:  Every Parent’s Guide to Exploring and Understanding Children’s Dreams and Nightmares, by Alan Siegel and Kelly Bulkeley.

For more information or a free consultation,

please call me, Bill Murray, at 919-918-3389.