Results of Executive Coaching and Mentor Coaching

See the benefits and results you will get from our Individual Executive Coaching and our Group Coaching via web conferencing. As a leader or executive coach, improve performance by boosting your coaching skills and emotional intelligence.

Coaching Skills

  • As an executive coach, improve your skills and results
  • As a leader or manager, improve performance
  • Get coached live while you coach someone else, or a group
  • Learn by doing.┬á Get insights on the spot – virtually.

Group Coaching

  • Improve your group coaching skills
  • Learn how to do group coaching with our virtual course, Leadership Communication┬«: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.
  • Get coached live while you lead portions of this course or your own programs.
  • Incorporate our topics skillfully into your own repertoire

Emotional Intelligence

  • Increasing emotional self-awareness and empathy
  • Improving management of emotions
  • Developing personal power, zest, resilience, and creativity
  • Handling difficult people and political situations

Personal Effectiveness

  • Making good decisions
  • Strategic thinking, identifying what really matters
  • Bringing clarity out of chaos, problem solving
  • Knowing what you really want and staying focused on it
  • Achieving balance, time and stress management

Relationship Management

  • Developing outstanding leadership teams, motivated to work together effectively
  • Improving communication and work relationships for more creativity, teamwork, and productivity
  • Building more trust, openness and synergy
  • Resolving conflicts among leaders and managers to enhance cooperation and teamwork


  • Developing strong listening and communication skills
  • Building rapport and soliciting useful feedback
  • Increasing upward organizational communication
  • Identifying communication styles to be on their wavelength


  • Strategic thinking, having vision, and communicating it
  • Seeking to serve rather than to control
  • Being trustworthy, authentic, caring, and courageous
  • Building on strengths
  • Being skilled at relationship management and coaching

Executive Team Synergy

  • Significantly improving personal, interpersonal, and group effectiveness of your executive team.
  • Getting executives all on the same page, rowing in the same direction
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication within the executive team
  • Facing and resolving conflicts

Professional Development

  • Making effective career transitions
  • Moving up and getting off to a good start
  • Finding your sense of direction and mission
  • Creating vision and goals that boost motivation