Is This You? About Our Clients


We help companies and leaders to impact the bottom line through people.


Growing their people:

Those who benefit most from our coaching and training are those who want to grow their people in order to grow their business.


Improving profits through leadership development:

They prize leadership development and put money and effort into it.  Or they want to start doing that in order to improve work relationships and communication.


Improving emotional intelligence and communication skills:

They know that emotional intelligence and an ability to communicate prove more crucial to success than a leader’s IQ, technical skill, or background.


Client companies:

Some small companies hire us to solve particular leadership problems.  Often, client companies have at least 100 employees so that developing leadership becomes more important.

Mid-sized companies appreciate our ability to both coach and train.  Studies show this combination is far more effective for leadership development than just coaching or training.

Large companies appreciate Bill Murray’s top level of expertise.  Past large company clients have been IBM,  JC Penney, Ericsson, Supermarkets General, Westvaco, Freeport MacMoran, Zenger-Miller, Duke University Medical Center, and recently, GlaxoSmithKline, which appreciated that we could offer interactive, virtual workshops to their dispersed audience.


Individual leaders:

Some individual leaders hire us on their own.  They find that our coaching and training support their priorities:

1)  Making a difference by developing people

2)  Results through emotionally intelligent leadership

3)  Lifelong learning and professional growth.


Our clients value expertise:

Bill Murray, our founder in 1993, has been coaching and training managers and leaders for over 30 years.  His extensive experience includes helping JC Penny open the largest management training center in N.Y.  He has an MBA from Harvard and an M.Div. (Masters of Divinity) from Yale.  Clients initially value the M.Div. because they rightly expect that Bill can be trusted.  He was one of the first to get the coveted MCC – Master Certified Coach certification in 1999.  He was also one of the first to offer virtual workshops in 2000.  For bios, see “About Us”.