Coaching Skills of Highly Effective Leaders

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In this TeleWorkshop, you will learn and practice new skills that will lead to many positive results in the workplace. A small amount of coaching skill improvement can leverage your work performance greatly in leadership communication situations.

You will see results in:

  • Improving the performance of your direct reports
  • Coaching others to solve their problems
  • Saving time and money by reducing misunderstandings and rework
  • Building better teams through listening and communication
  • Motivating people by making them feel heard and appreciated
  • Reducing turnover by communicating clearly and minimizing frustrations
  • Improving work relationships and your own performance
  • Understanding people better before you act
  • Getting on the other person’s wavelength first, so that your words and actions are on target
  • Collaborating, facilitating, and persuading more effectively.

Coaching Skills of Highly Effective Leaders is based on our proven approaches to leadership coaching which we have used since l993. Clients report that they consistently grow stronger and more able to pursue their goals with these approaches. And they report significantly improved work relationships.

Our TeleWorkshop gives participants a live taste of how we coach leaders, right in front of them, not just in theory in lectures. This makes our workshop live and exciting. It stimulates participants to pick up our coaching approaches themselves.

Learn to discover and analyze people’s needs better so that you can respond appropriately. Studies show that many people cut short this step. They move too quickly to offering advice or directives. First learn to really put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see things from their point of view. Then you can get on their wavelength and communicate effectively with them.

Coaching Skills of Highly Effective Leaders is an interpersonal skills training lab, a skill-building experience that is highly interactive. You will learn by doing. Studies consistently show that more powerful learning happens when you are actively engaged. In addition, participants report they enjoy the sessions much more, and feel more confident and able to implement the skills on their jobs.

You will observe demonstrations and role plays, and give feedback on what you observed. You will practice listening, communicating, asserting yourself, increasing self-awareness, expressing empathy, connecting, and other skills characteristic of successful leadership, in a safe environment under Bill’s supportive guidance.

Then you will practice the skills between sessions. You implement them right away on your job so that they become part of your repertoire. At the next session, you will have a chance to talk about your successes using these skills, and to hear other leaders talk about their experiences. This combination of learning over time, practicing skills in between sessions, and building on success, will give you skills that stick.

This Group Executive Coaching process works. Leaders significantly improve their leadership people skills and their crucial business relationships. We guide them to use these skills to improve the effectiveness of their work relationship management.

William Murray recommends follow-up telephone individual Executive Coaching to maximize implementation of new skills in the workplace. Participants appreciate the chance to discuss in a confidential setting how to apply the workshop to their specific situation.**If the work situation you want to address involves another key player, you may ask that person to join us. Bill will facilitate successful communication between you both so that you solve relationship problems and communicate better in the future. Bill can also help you address crucial conversations that need to happen. Bill’s facilitation will structure the conversation for a productive outcome.

In the case of a team attending together, we recommend follow-up group coaching sessions to maximize success. Personalized team follow-up will encourage executives to keep practicing their new skills and patterns of effective communication until they become habitual. It will reinforce the team’s commitment to using the new skills in the long run.

Our facilitator is William R. Murray:

“I am a Harvard M.B.A., Yale M.Div., Master Certified Coach, and graduate of Corporate Coach U. I started as a line manager with bottom-line responsibility. Then in l976, I began training and coaching managers in leadership and communication skills in JC Penney’s corporate headquarters. I helped them open the largest leadership development center in New York City. Since then I have trained and coached business owners, executives, and leaders in companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations like IBM, to family businesses. In 1993 I founded Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching.” More about Bill Murray.

What participants have said:

“I have been a participant for a day-long training program at Duke University on coaching skills by Bill Murray. I found his approaches and practices very helpful for increasing my people skills. His group was very interactive and engaging so I signed up for his Tele-Workshop series too.”
Nancy Maeder, Durham NC

“It was a fine course that I really got something out of. One of the more meaningful things I do these days is “supervising” two young clinical graduate students at UNC. This is a place where coaching principles can be applied very usefully. The course reminded me of things that I should be doing more of, such as building on their strengths, and facilitating their finding their own solutions. The course also reminded me of things I should be doing less of–such as giving advice. I think I am a better supervisor now for having taken your course. Thanks for giving such a good course.”
John Boren

“The class yesterday was great. Your classes are always great – nice pace – nice language – useful information – great coaching – great interaction. You have a pleasant way that makes it all come together.”
Gloria Auth

“We all think we know how to do these things already. But Bill shows us how to do them with finesse.”

“I learned a lot from Bill and from other participants. Bill has a knack for bringing out the best in people. He got us to share, take risks, and learn from each other. He surfaced the wisdom of the entire group, not just his own.”