Free Book Chapter Helps You Reach Your Potential as a Leader

You may get a free copy of Bill’s book chapter, “Emotional Intelligence for Resilience.” This also is a free way to see the skills trained in Module 1 of our Virtual Workshop Series and corresponding Self-Study Course, Leadership Communication® :  How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership. The book chapter gives an overview of the skills trained with some stories about how they can be used.

You can learn about skills that help you stay resilient such as knowing what you really want in any given situation. Knowing what is important also helps you improve your “Strategic Thinking,” which is actually the title for Module 1. Improving strategic thinking is key to moving up in leadership jobs.

You need to take a look at this free book chapter in order to decide how important it is to you to improve these skills so that you can stay resilient and think strategically as a leader or emerging leader.

Upping the Downside
Free Published Book Chapter
“Emotional Intelligence for Resilience,” in the Amazon best-seller book, UPPING the Downside. Get your free copy of Bill’s book chapter by clicking on the yellow: