About William Murray

William R. Murray, Mentor Coach and Executive Coach

bill2.jpgBill earned an M. Div. degree from Yale, an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School, and pursued additional graduate studies in organizational psychology. Bill is a graduate of Corporate Coach U, a Master Certified Coach since 1999, and is also certified in Mediation, NLP, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DISC.

He served on the faculty of a large university where he taught and mentored business people in the MBA program. He exercised P & L responsibility as a line manager in a prominent retail firm. He was a Management Development Project Manager, training and developing leaders of major corporations and hospitals for 12 years.

In 1993 Bill founded Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching, LLC in order to specialize in coaching.  He was one of the first to develop virtual workshops a dozen years ago.  He loves coaching other coaches to improve their skills.


Significant Achievements:

  • Bill has been a corporate trainer since 1976 when he helped JC Penney’s open the largest management training center in New York City.
  • In 1984 Bill was a trainer of other trainers for Zenger-Miller, often cited as the world’s best leadership training firm at that time.  Bill currently uses this skill to coach other coaches how to lead group coaching.
  • He was one of the first to offer virtual, distance learning via conference calls and the web.
  • He designed an interactive, results-getting Virtual Workshop Series and a comprehensive Self-Study Course.
  • Bill is an excellent group coach of his own Virtual Workshops. He evokes the wisdom of the group, getting participants to share deeply and learn from each other. He creates a safe environment for people to learn new interpersonal skills.


For over 40 years Bill’s mission has been to develop leaders so that they improve the quality of work life for their team.  This includes getting people engaged so that they enjoy their work and produce better.  This is a win/win.  The people enjoy an improved quality of work life and that impacts the bottom line for the leader and the organization.

Now Bill is coaching other coaches to pick up his legacy and continue it by leading his virtual workshops that make a difference.

Bill volunteers for organizations that cannot afford his services.  He volunteers as a Mentor Coach for coaching professional associations, and as an Executive Coach to church leaders and executive directors of non-profits.



As both an internal and external Executive Coach and consultant, Bill has served organizations ranging from small businesses to leading corporations such as JC Penney, Glaxo Smith Kline, IBM, Ericsson, Westvaco, Zenger-Miller, Supermarkets General, and Freeport MacMoran.

Now his clients also include Executive Coaches and Business Coaches.  Other coaches use his group coaching topics to enhance their own specialties.


Bill’s broad background of work experience, education, and training uniquely qualifies him for his mentor coaching and executive coaching work. Bill coaches business owners and leaders, noticeably enhancing leadership skills, communication skills and emotional intelligence.  And he coaches business coaches how to do this skill enhancement too.

Bill is unusually talented in understanding organizational culture and in helping coaches and management clients see what is going on around them in their organization. He developed this talent by alternating graduate education in organizational psychology at Yale, Harvard, and CUNY with hands-on business experience.

Bill is also unusually talented in assisting coaches and management clients to devise new strategies to solve people problems and to improve their work relationships. He has cultivated this talent by participating in over 100 workshops on coaching, communication skills, leadership, and related topics offered by prestigious corporate training organizations such as NTL (National Training Labs). He has fine-tuned his coaching skills through 12 years of corporate in-house experience, and since 1993, as an Executive Coach and Mentor Coach.

Bill also has a long history of conducting successful conflict resolution sessions. In one hospital job, he was responsible for resolving conflicts among 140 managers and the entire staff. He is certified in mediation. Now he resolves conflicts among leaders and helps them to enhance their team’s performance.


Executive Coaching Resume: For more detailed information on Bill’s executive coaching background, see his Executive Coaching Resume (MS Word document).


1. From clients of Bill’s Executive Coaching: http://www.eaglealliance.com/about/testimonials/.

2. From participants of Bill’s Virtual Workshop Series – click below and scroll down to the yellow highlighted text: Leadership Communication®: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.