About Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching

billkathy2.jpgWilliam and Kathy Murray are the owners of Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching, LLC. Bill and Kathy form a dynamic coaching team. They are synergistic, enriching each other’s coaching competence and results. Bill is a Harvard MBA business person with a strong background in coaching organizational psychology. Kathy is a psychotherapist and coach with a strong background in business. Kathy assists Bill in understanding client issues more deeply and creating strategies to help them meet their goals. Together, they are a dynamic coaching duo. For more on William and Kathy, follow these links:

In addition, Eagle Alliance Executive Coaching, LLC has highly qualified associate contractors who provide services as needed.


We specialize in executive coaching for business owners, executives, leaders, and managers:

  • In medium-sized companies
  • Located anywhere, receiving our services by telephone and the internet.

Our client list consists mainly of small to medium-sized companies, along with some larger ones including Glaxo-Smith-Kline, IBM, Ericsson, JC Penney, Supermarkets General (Pathmark), Westvaco, Freeport MacMoran, Zenger-Miller, and Duke University Medical Center, and self-paying individual leaders.


Executive Coaching Resume: For more detailed information on Bill’s background, see his Executive Coaching Resume (MS Word document).


1. From clients of Bill’s Executive Coaching: http://www.eaglealliance.com/about/testimonials/.

2. From participants of Bill’s Virtual Workshop Series – click below and scroll down to the yellow highlighted text: Leadership Communication┬«: How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve in the deepest sense of the word.

Our goal for companies is to improve profitability and effectiveness by boosting the leadership performance of executives and their teams, through significantly improved relationship management and personal effectiveness.

Our goal for individuals is to improve their quality of work life including better work relationships, greater productivity, enhanced job satisfaction, and integrating spirituality into their work.

We support authentic, effective work relationships, servant leadership, open communication, empowerment, and spirit. Some firms have demonstrated that supporting these values leads to the greatest possible success of the organization of the future.