Improving Connecting Skills for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership


Soar to your potential by improving your Leadership Communication® skills, including connecting skills, coaching skills, and emotional intelligence.  Go from good to great, as a manager, leader, or professional.

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Results of Coaching

  • Coaching skills – improve performance of individuals and groups
  • Emotional intelligence – Improving management of emotions
  • Personal effectiveness – Making good decisions
  • Relationship management – Improving work relationships for more teamwork, creativity, and productivity
  • Communication Skills – Developing strong Leadership Communication® , including listening, dialogue, and assertiveness skills
  • Leadership – Strategic thinking, having vision, and communicating it.

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Why strengthen your emotional intelligence with us? Egon Zehnder International, a leading executive search firm, conducted a study of over 500 senior executives and concluded that:
“Emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success than either relevant previous experience or high I.Q.”


Coaching Approaches

Click on one of the following 5 coaching approaches. Each can help you and your organization to improve results through Leadership Communication® skills and emotional intelligence. Which service or combination of services best suits you and your organization? We will customize options to make them fit!


1. Group Coaching Train the Trainer Program:

  • Improving skills in group coaching for coaches and corporate trainers .
  • Training coaches or trainers to lead our Virtual Workshops.


2. Individual Executive Coaching:

  • Effective – it works because it is intense.
  • Tailored to each person’s specific concerns.
  • Confidential.
  • The favorite, gold standard approach of executives.


3. Small Group Virtual Executive Coaching:

  • Some of the results of Individual Executive Coaching at a fraction of the cost.
  • Leadership Communication® program builds concrete leadership and communication skills.
  • Small group support and peer coaching.


4. Self-Study Course:

  • Very cost effective.
  • Versatile – can listen to audio recordings on mp3 player while traveling, etc.
  • Flexible, self-paced learning when and where you want it.
  • Combines well with above two approaches.


5. Dream Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth:

  • Get guidance and wisdom.
  • Receive new energy to pursue goals.
  • Track successful outcomes of working with dreams.


6. Leadership That Works Program:

Impacting the Bottom Line Through People

  • For you and your team to go from good to great!
  • Great leadership and communication skills.
  • Solve people problems.
  • Focus on what is important.
  • Customize above approaches into dynamic, immersion package that works.


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Please call me, Bill Murray, CEO, to explore these programs further, 919-918-3389. We can discuss your needs and see what solutions and approaches might be a good fit. You may also qualify for discounts and free samples.


Executive Coaching

Soar to Your Potential

Executive coaching to improve performance and results through emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills. Our Executive Coaching can assist emerging leaders in making career transitions into management and leadership.

Small Group Virtual Executive Coaching

For more information on results, benefits, and testimonials, click here:
Leadership Communication® : How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.

This is a very interactive group coaching program that builds the interpersonal communication skills you need to:

  • Reach your potential as a leader or emerging leader.
  • Lead your team to better results.
  • Communicate for results in difficult conversations.



1. Hear Diana Collazo’s Audio Recording

2. As a senior manager in a medium sized nonprofit corporation, I have found that my participation in Bill Murray’s virtual workshop series has provided me with new insights and skills for navigating the emotional landscape of the workplace. This makes me more skilled at finding opportunities to create greater productivity, stronger professional relationships and increased job satisfaction for myself and my co-workers.

The course includes techniques for raising awareness of the role emotions play in the workplace and teaches a fact and value based approach that uses empathy and forethought to reach win-win solutions to workplace problems.  I particularly like that course participants are given the opportunity to practice the new techniques with each other during the workshops, as I find this helps me start more comfortably down the path of using them in my workplace.

Thomas A. Harris, Chief of Staff/General Counsel, State Employees Association of North Carolina, Inc.

There are 10 Modules, each with 4 sessions of one hour of content each. Choose one or more Modules as you want. Come and go as you want. The 160-page Participant Workbook is an excellent visual guide plus you can see Bill’s computer screen as a whiteboard. Also each Module has a Training Manual. Enjoy peer coaching as Bill surfaces the wisdom of the group.

For more information on results, benefits, and testimonials, click here:
Leadership Communication® : How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership.



-Over 110 articles with tips on Virtual Workshop topics of emotionally intelligent leadership and professional work. Brief but powerful suggestions on how to improve your leadership and professional effectiveness. A collection of tips and short articles that quickly give you intriguing new viewpoints.
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Self-Study Course


Based on our Virtual Workshop Series, Leadership Communication® : How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence for Powerful Leadership. You can buy individual Modules or the entire program, which includes over 110 hours of recordings of live sessions. You can listen at your own time, place, and pace. 40 hours of recordings cover the Virtual Workshop Series. Another 70+ hours give you the option of going deeper into topics. You also get an extensive, 160-page Participant Workbook, and Training Manuals. Training Manuals are full of tips and articles on how to build the skills you need in these difficult times.

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For free samples, call Bill Murray at 919-918-3389.

Store: Get an individual Module or the entire Self-Study Course.



Upping the Downside
-Published book chapter
Emotional Intelligence for Resilience, in the Amazon best-seller book on resilience, UPPING the Downside..

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Kathy Murray’s expertise in emotional intelligence is demonstrated by her workshops and coaching offered full-time to clients of Duke University’s famous Diet and Fitness Center. She specializes in emotional intelligence including: assertiveness, self-awareness, anger management, setting boundaries, and stress management. She is also certified by Duke University as a Health Coach, specializing in mindfulness training.


More Information on Results

Development and retention of leadership talent:
Does your company lack a thorough, in-depth approach to developing high-potential leaders?

We provide the leadership development coaching and training that leaders need to grow and develop their talents. Your high potentials will be ready to move up. Their satisfaction will keep them on board and will attract new potential leaders.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Training.

Better decisions:
In the midst of overwhelming demands on you and your time, do you find it hard to stay focused on your true priorities? You can confide in us as trusted advisors. You can know with confidence that we will be an objective sounding board for you. We can dialogue with you to clarify your core values and priorities. You will make better decisions, more in harmony with your core values and leadership priorities, and you will see better results for your organization.

Strategic thinking:
Are you neglecting strategic thinking because you get bogged down in other activities? Or do you just plain have trouble doing it? We help you to improve your strategic thinking – see the big picture and create strategies to get there.

Executive teams that hum with synergy:
Do your executives all go in different directions without much cooperation?
We get them on the same page with you, collaborating with synergy.

Resilient work relationships and more effective communication:
At your company, do people avoid or mismanage crucial conversations where opinions differ and emotions erupt? We coach and train people to use more emotional intelligence to handle crucial conversations with skill and finese. They will use better dialogue and assertiveness skills to surface and resolve conflicts. They will seek and give accurate feedback and generally communicate more effectively. Better communication, in turn, will lead to better job performance and better bottom-line results.


Group Coaching Mentoring Program

Executive Coaching Services

Special Programs

Published book chapter:
“Emotional Intelligence for Resilience,” in the Amazon best-seller book on resilience, UPPING the Downside..

Get your free copy of Bill’s book chapter